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We love hearing from travellers who have fallen in love with our country. Erin from The Rogue Ginger shares her story from her Zero-Waste and plastic free trip. You can find her original blog post here.

This includes highlights of Erin’s story from her and her partners visit to Manila, Boracay and a mysterious unknown island.

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The Philippines was on my mind as a travel destination two years ago. But the costly airline carriers that serviced the route to the Philippines from Australia deterred me from visiting. Last year that changed with no frills airline Cebu Pacific beginning operations between Sydney and Manilla. We found a cheap flight and booked a connecting flight from Melbourne via Tiger Air to Sydney for our 8 hour international flight.


We visited Manila, a secret island and Boracay. I have been asked not to reveal the islands location. A remote island adventure has been on my bucket list for years and I was able to cross it off the list. It was not a fancy resort, just a very chilled and basic experience. My kind of holiday. I had it organised through Docastaway for anyone who is after a similar experience.


I loved the Philippines. We both agreed that a trip back is on the cards. We encountered many organisations that were working hard to create sustainable travel practices for the environment and the locals. On the secret island we stayed we learnt they prefer not to serve a lot of fish because they don’t want to over fish preferring to serve fresh organic vegetables from local islands. By doing this they encouraged locals to farm rather than fish, which is how it was done before modern day fishing practices.


My only concern is Boracay’s growth. It is an island with a beautiful beach and the hotels are conveniently located 200mm from the water. I can see why tourists flock here. We went there for the kite surfing but had we known about the crowds we would have picked another area to surf.



Local business on White Beach was responsible for keeping their beach front clean and they did a great job. But each afternoon we picked up rubbish from the beach that was generally left there by tourists or blown out of bins. If you are looking to visit Boracay don’t forget about the other islands surrounding it. Due to the frenzy of tourists in Boracay there is not a fair distribution of money going around. Visit places like Motag Living Museum and see what life was like before tourists took over.

Read the rest of her original blog post here.

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