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We love hearing stories from Australian travellers who have fallen in love with our country. Rob from Beyond Cebu has visited and lived on the island of Cebu and gives us his top 5 awesome things to do while exploring Cebu.

From Sinulog to Oslob, Beyond Cebu has you covered with helping plan your trip to the “Crown Jewel of the South”

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If you plan on travelling to the Philippines one island worth considering is Cebu. This is by far my favourite island in the Philippines. Over the past 15 years or so I’ve been coming back to Cebu again and again. The place offers me everything I look for in a holiday destination; tropical beaches, friendly locals, adventure and culture. I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 truly awesome things to in Cebu.



One of the best times to travel to Cebu is January. Not only is the weather a little cooler, it’s the month they celebrate one of the most specular festivals in the Philippines. Sinulog is held annually on the 3rd Sunday in January. The whole city of Cebu comes alive with Sinulog fever. Banners and images of the Santo Niño decorate the city (including hotels and shopping malls). They not only bring the city colour but a sense of and happiness and joy the Cebuano’s are deeply proud of.

The main parade happens on the Sunday with street dancers preforming to the beat of the music. They dance in honour of the Santo Niño (statue of the baby Jesus) which the Spanish brought to the Philippines in 1521. They and gave it to Queen Juana the statue of the Santo Niño as a gift after converting them to Christianity. At night the streets are alive with music and locals having fun. If you walk the street of Cebu you’ll really get a feeling of the true friendliness of the Cebuano people. It’s a lot of fun and not to be missed! But you really want to get an understanding of Cebuano culture, head down to the Basilica Church in downtown Cebu. Here you will see the dedication to the Santo Niño and why it is so important to Cebuano’s and Cebu.

Bantayan Island


Cebu is has some amazing beaches. While it doesn’t get the attention like Boracay, it truly is one of the Philippine’s most beautiful islands. Bantayan Island is actually my favourite island in Cebu. It’s all fairy low key here with some basic beach front cottages. The beaches are just gorgeous here! If you are looking for the dream tropical island, Bantayan pretty much is it! Unless you come during Holy Week, you can enjoy the beaches pretty much to yourself.   Don’t forget to take the island hopping trip to nearby Virgin Island. This is a stunningly beautiful little island. It makes for a fantastic day trip.

Malapascua Island


This island is another piece of paradise that’s a must visit. Located in the north of Cebu, this tiny island has gained a reputation for being a tremendous diving area. It’s one of the few places you can regularly dive to see the thresher shark. You don’t have to be a diver either to enjoy the island. Bounty Beach is a lovely white sandy beach. The beach makes for a wonderful place to laze under the tropical sun with a nice cold beer or pina colada! There are plenty of beach resorts, bars and dive shops to keep everyone happy. Dotted around the island are a number of beautiful serene beaches worth exploring. Malapascua also offers some great island hopping trips to nearby islands as well, Kalanggaman being (in my opinion) the best. It’s just so pretty!

Oslob Whale Shark Watching


Until recently Oslob was pretty much unknown little town in the south of Cebu. That’s until someone discovered whale sharks swimming nearby. That changed everything. Oslob whale watching has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Cebu. Although still controversial, there is no denying swimming with whale sharks is one awesome experience not to be missed. There are strict rules and regulations to keep the whale sharks looked after and protected. Oslob has plenty of resorts and places to eat, or it can be done on a day trip from the city. A must see visit after the sharks is the pretty Tumalog Falls.

Camotes Islands


One of the most beautiful islands in Cebu but less travelled to than most is the Camotes Islands. The islands are fairly peaceful and uncrowded. Santiago Bay is just a lovely beach to swim with its shallow but calm waters. When the weather is good, the beach looks amazing. The Camotes offers plenty of adventures as well with caves to explore, the serene Lake Danao, waterfalls and other gorgeous beaches to swim at. With plans for a new airport as well as some new resorts in the pipeline the Camotes looks like it will become an even more popular place to enjoy a tropical vacation.

There are plenty of more wonderful things to do and see in Cebu. I’ve compiled a video below with the my best of Cebu .

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