Aussie bloggers discover fun and adventure in the Philippines

How much fun can you have taking on challenges in five different locations across the islands of the Philippines?

Aussie bloggers Jean Carmela Lim (a.k.a. Holy Smithereens) of ACT and Stef Acworth (a.k.a. A Modern Wayfarer) of QLD returned recently from the ‘CEB Juanderers Challenge’ organised by Cebu Pacific Air and discovered that fun and adventure do mix perfectly in the Philippines.

Team Australia #CEBjuanderers, Jean and Stef, had an adrenaline-pumping time, competing with other bloggers from Japan, South Korea and China in some of the most unforgettable challenges they have ever taken on.

They flew on trapezes in Manila and cooked up a feast in Palawan. They participated in energetic dance-offs in Cebu and adrenaline-pumping ziplines and sky cycles in Davao. The challenge ended on the white sandy beaches of Boracay where everyone had a ball, playing beach footy. They also took part in and won a Fan’s Choice bartending challenge, voted by Cebu Pacific’s Facebook fans.

What went down a treat for Jean and Stef and the rest of the participants was a tour of the Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the New7Wonders of Nature, and island hopping in Boracay.

Team Australia wins Bartending Challenge in Boracay

“I absolutely loved taking part in Cebu Pacific’s CEBjuanderers challenge. While the nature of the trip was mainly physical, the real journey was quite personal as we got to know other bloggers who started as strangers and became real friends. Throughout the week we shared a lot of laughs, Filipino food, breathtaking sceneries, and blood and sweat, literally. Being a CEB Juanderer also allowed us not just to explore the Philippines but to also show and inspire our readers and let them know just how amazing and how much more fun it really is in the Philippines”, said Jean.

“What an absolutely jam-packed week of fun and adventure! I go home extremely grateful and a little exhausted to have been a CEB Juanderer and to have explored the Philippines in all its beautiful glory. The friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime. I’ll definitely be back!”, said Stef.

Team Australia received the “CEBjuanderers Spirited Award” for their excitement and young-at-heart approach to all the challenges.

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