A Birthday Getaway in Boracay Island awaits these adventurous four

Her love of refreshing waterfalls and white sandy beaches sparked her interest in the Philippines, and soon she will be ticking that off her bucket list.

Madeline Zotter, a 19 year old student and gymnastics coach from Wollongong, New South Wales, has won #PHBirthdayGetaway, a promotion that Tourism Philippines Australia and New Zealand ran recently with Cebu Pacific Air to celebrate the airline’s first year of flying to Sydney.

Madeline, who goes by the name @waterfallwandering on Instagram, is ecstatic that she will be heading to world-famous Boracay Island, her chosen Philippine destination, on her birthday weekend.

“I have never been to the Philippines before, however it is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. The Philippines appeal to me because of the country’s clear blue waters and white sandy beaches. It is my ultimate dream destination”, Madeline says.

What’s more, as part of the prize package, Madeline will spend her 20th birthday in Boracay with three of her best mates.

Big sister Adelle, coincidentally, was born on the same day as her so a double birthday celebration will be in order. Also joining the adventure will be cousins Nicole and Hannah Ryan who are also from Wollongong.

#PHBirthdayGetaway promotion winner Madeline Zotter (@waterfallwandering) with her mates. #PHBirthdayGetaway promotion winner Madeline Zotter (@waterfallwandering) with her mates.

The news about Madeline winning the promotion couldn’t have come at a better time. The Zotters have had a trying time in the family and their upcoming Philippines adventure is one they are eagerly looking forward to.

“We have had such a crazy few weeks and we are looking forward to some cousin bonding time”, Madeline says.

What is Madeline most looking forward to for her #PHBirthdayGetaway?

“So many but really excited to be snorkeling in the clear water, relaxing on the white sandy beaches, experiencing the Philippine culture, trying new food and jumping off Ariel’s Point!”, the adventurous and outgoing 19 year old explains.

“In Australia, I do lots of bushwalks to waterfalls however I don’t do much snorkelling, so I am so excited to see a change in my adventures and snorkel in the beautiful bays and beaches of Boracay. I think the adventures we will have in the Philippines are going to be unique to any we have had before so we are so excited!”, she says.



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