Stunning landscapes fuel travel couple’s thirst for adventures

For true-blue adventurers, the desire to seek out new experiences is constant. They are always looking for the next mountain to climb, chase an enchanting new waterfall, and witness the ultimate golden sunset.

With a sense of wonder and adventure binding them together, travel couple Angus Mulholland and Elizabeth Kippist, who are both based on the Central Coast of NSW, ventured into Southeast Asia for their epic adventure and were mesmerised by the Philippines.

Kawasan Falls, Cebu Kawasan Falls, Cebu

“We have been following Tourism Philippines on social media and were sending each other photographs off their page which sparked our interest in seeing all the epic locations in person. Setting off to explore the islands happened shortly after”, said Angus, a keen explorer and videographer.

So book a Philippines trip they did to finish off 2016, and for 10 days, Angus and Elizabeth went chasing beautiful beaches, vast jungles and the snorkelling paradise that had constantly captivated them on Instagram.

Of the thousands of islands on offer in the Philippines, they chose to visit Cebu and Bohol.

“Before the trip, we were most keen for Kawasan Falls in Cebu, as it was the postcard shot we kept seeing on blogs and social media. However, each waterfall we visited had its own unique experience, whether it was rope swings, caves to climb right inside the falls or bamboo rafting underneath”.

“We were also sold on Bohol and were constantly in awe at the stretches of white sand beaches, forever stretching reefs and close by islands”, Elizabeth said.

Chilling on a hammock at Bohol Beach Club Chilling on a hammock at Bohol Beach Club

In their quest for fresh adventures, it seems the Philippines had won them over.

“The adventure was constant – epic waterfalls, giant rivers, white sand beaches, stunning reefs and friendly, relaxed locals.”

“For us, the Philippines was unique in that the islands, beaches and jungle hikes were not too crowded and felt like we had the areas to ourselves. It was definitely a more raw experience than some of the more highly crowded tropical countries we have visited”, Angus explained.

Hidden Falls in Oslob, Cebu Hidden Falls in Oslob, Cebu

Were ten days in the Philippines enough for the adventure duo? Apparently not.

Each has already got a clear idea of the next adventure they would excitedly take on.

“I wouldn’t mind becoming a mermaid for a day! I’ve seen some amazing photos of Boracay mermaids, and I’ve always felt at home under the water”, said Elizabeth.

“I want to see and explore El Nido Palawan, pack some camera gear, snorkel and mask and I’d be in my paradise there”, Angus said.

Want to see Angus and Elizabeth’s journey across our islands? Then watch their amazing video filled with dreamy drone footage below.

You can also give Angus and Elizabeth a follow on Instagram and be inspired by their enviable adventures.

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