The Bicol region is blessed with beautiful rivers and lakes, mountains, tiered waterfalls and hot springs. It’s also dotted with volcanoes and home to the ethereal Mount Mayon.

Thrill seekers can indulge in zip lining, spelunking, trekking and helicopter sightseeing. But there are also stunning beaches, world-renowned surfing and scuba diving spots. Snorkel amidst exotic coral and sea life, or take the rare opportunity to swim with whale sharks.

Mount Mayon

The majestic Mount Mayon in Albay, is named after the Bicol word magayon, meaning beauty. And it truly deserves its name. Renowned for its perfectly shaped cone, Mt Mayon is an active volcano and constantly emits a plume of smoke. Serious climbers can hike to the peak of this active volcano, for others an observatory can be found one third of the way up.

Camsur Watersports Complex

Wake up to wakeboarding. Watersports enthusiasts from beginners to pros shouldn’t miss a visit to this unique park in Camarines Sur. The six-corner course allows for big tricks on the smooth-as-glass surface of the artificial beach. The park is designed for wakeboarding, wake skating and waterskiing. And some enthusiasts stay for weeks or even months.


This is one of the few places in the world where you can get up close and personal with the majestic whale sharks. From February to May, visitors can enjoy whale shark spotting tours or even swim with these gentle giants.

Caramoan Island

Sugar-sand coast, limestone cliff and dark tufts of jungle. It’s no wonder why this stunningly beautiful scenery has been the site for the French, Bulgarian and Israeli versions of Survivor. Choose to retreat to a tranquil resort or go camping, rock climbing, trekking and mountain biking. Island-hoppers can also look forward to postcard-perfect beaches with long, white sandy beaches.

Waterfalls and springs

Bathe in the cool waters of Malabsay Falls in Naga, Camarines Sur, gaze at the seven-tiered cascading white foam of Busay Falls in Malilipot, Albay or soak in the thermal pools of Tiwi Hot Springs National Park, where the waters are believed to be medicinal.

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