This once American Naval Base is a Freeport Zone that marries eco-wilderness, top-of-the-line resorts, world-class wreck diving, pristine jungles and even amusement parks for the kids.

Explore the reef

Olive Ridley’s and Angel fish are everyday sights at Miracle and Camayan Beach. Camayan beach is your gateway to four different reef dives and nine shipwrecks. Just a few feet from the shore and you’ll find yourself in a coral garden!

Trek the Jungle

Choose from two trails in the Subic Bay Nature Park. The first is a 30-minute nature walk and perfect for amateurs. The second is the longer Apaliin Trail that takes you all the way to the coast. For those who’d like to visit the Aeta (an indigenous population) the Pamuklakin Forest Trail will take you to their village. Here you can hire a guide to take you into the forest and teach you some basic jungle survival skills.

Wreck Diving

Of all the wrecks that are popular with divers, the USS New York is probably the most talked about. But this is a huge ship so training and a guide are a must or you could find yourself getting lost in passageways and corridors. El Capitan, is a favourite because of the thriving marine life that it supports. San Quintin is where you’ll find larger fish like wrasses and glasseyes. For best dive visibility plan your trip between February to April.

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