Iloilo has something for everyone, warm islands in the north and the cold highlands in the south. Discover the brilliant historical sites, tropical beaches and natural wonders of the region. Visit a famous church, trek to waterfalls, snorkel through clear blue water or take a heritage tour. Whatever getaway you are looking for, Iloilo has an answer.

Miag-ao Church

The iconic image of the province.  Discover the crown jewel of the churches in Iloilo and one of the most famous “Baroque Churches of the Philippines” classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site’s and learn about the history of this great province.

Gigantes Island

Discover white sand beaches and tropical islands. Swim and snorkel in the placid waters through the South Gigantes and North Gigantes islands along the brilliant shoreline. Charter a boat and explore the towering limestone cliffs around the South Gigantes Island bay.


Explore the 16 islets of Concepcion. The largest, and most popular Pan de Azucar is known for it’s great views of Mt Manaphag, golden sand and bright blue water. San Joaquin is also known for its marine sanctuaries, as well as a beautiful church and stunning islands.

Nadsadjan Falls

A highlight for trekkers in southern Iloilo is the Nadsadjan Falls. Follow the rough trail along the river, past giant boulders to discover the massive limestone rock with a deep basin full of crystal clear water.

Dinagyang Festival

Held to Iloilo on the fourth weekend of January and join the locals dancing in the streets. Held to honour Santo Nino, the Holy Child of Cebu the weekend is spent celebrating by dancing and partying in the streets.


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