An island to rival Boracay

We love hearing from travellers who have fallen in love with our country. Natasha from World Wandering Kiwi shares her search for the perfect island in the Philippines. You can find her original blog post here.

This is her story from a little known island which she thinks is capable of rivalling the world renowned Boracay.

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There is an island in the Philippines with white-sand beaches surrounded by pristine seas that could rival the beauty of world famous Boracay. This is Guiuan, Samar, an island near Homonhon, where Ferdinand Magellan first set foot on March 16, 1521. Perhaps it should be on the WWK list of the Top 25 things to see in Asia!

It has one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, the 16th-century Immaculate Conception Church, and was used by the US Allied Forces as a military base during the war. The Americans built the airfield, and like the Clark airport in Pampanga, Guiuan’s runway is first-class, even better than the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

The beaches in Guiuan are extensive, with shining white sand, lines of coconut palms dancing in the breeze, gentle waves, blue skies and azure seas. The island faces two bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Leyte Gulf. Being in a coastal town in the Pacific side, it is blessed with many beaches that are perfect for swimming and surfing.



Although the island is still a relatively new tourist destination, getting there is easier than you would imagine. Several buses and vans regularly shuttle passengers to Guiuan, and Tacloban is serviced by scheduled flights from Manila.

Alternatively, several bus companies have daily trips to Guiuan from Manila. Travel time is approximately twenty-one hours and there are plenty of things to do to while away your time during a long trip like this. You can enjoy the trip with the free WiFi connectivity that most bus lines offer, update your status on your favourite social networking site, or even find airport parking on Parking4less ahead of your next trip. The next thing you know, you’ve already reached the beautiful and tranquil town of Guiuan.



Nearby is a long slender island, Calicoan, with 12 kilometres of white sand across nine different beach areas. It is slowly becoming one of the favourite surfing spots for tourists. There are isolated coves and lagoons that you can explore.

There are also several tourist resorts in Guiuan that are first-class, serving the freshest sea foods anywhere: lobsters, crabs, grouper, blue marlin, tuna, abalone, sea cucumber, squid, octopus, and more. The island is an ideal place not only for surfing, but also for island-hopping, swimming, boating, diving, jungle trekking, and rock climbing.

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