Ati- atihan

This is probably the most famous fiesta in Philippines. Dating back to the 13th century, the celebration is held in Kalibo in honour of the first Borneo settlers who came to the Philippines. This raucous, weeklong party gets into full swing in late January.

Sinulog Fiesta

This is the main festival in Cebu. Locals celebrate with a unique dance known as sinulog. It’s a two-step forward, one-step back shuffle that imitates the rhythm of a river.


Chinese New Year

The lunar new year, which happens in late January or early February, is a popular celebration among all Filipinos. Look out for dragon dances, street parties and huge fireworks displays in Manila.

Panagbenga Flower Festival

The streets of the mountain city of Baguio will be filled with dancing locals and a spectacular floats during a grand floral parade that happens in the last week of February.


Moriones Madness

The colourful Moriones festival in Marinduque’s sees masked locals in mock sword fights and playing pranks on bystanders. The festival is a weeklong celebration that is usually held during the Holy Week in April. It starts from Holy Monday to Easter Sunday.


Rodeo Masbateño

Masbate in Bicol holds a weeklong rodeo fiesta happens in early May or late April. Expect bull-riding, lasso contests and other cowboy-themed events.


Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival

This fiesta, held in the third week of August, acknowledges and showcases Davao’s Muslim, Chinese and tribal influences with colourful floral parades and performances.


MassKara Festival

The streets of Bacolod are filled with dancing locals and mischievous masked men who keep the dances going nonstop. Bacolod is the capital of Negros Occidental and MassKara happens during the weekend closest to 19 October.

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