Our Top 5 Beach Picks

1. El Nido, Palawan

Palawan is sometimes dubbed the “the last frontier” of the Philippines, but with the many medium to luxury accommodations in the area, that’s not necessarily true. Off the coastal town of El Nido are majestic limestone formations, secret lagoons, marble cliffs, hidden caves and waterfalls. If a quiet beach vacation away from the tourists, yet with all the amenities of a relaxing holiday is what you’re looking for, then this is the beach for you.

2. Boracay, Aklan

Boracay is arguably the most known beach destination in the Philippines. During the day, the rough waves and strong winds make kite boarding and windsurfing the activity of choice for most. At night, the popular White Beach comes alive with candlelight restaurants and boisterous bars that stay open til dawn.

Away from White Beach, the party atmosphere gives way to a quieter island beach vibe. Those looking to get away from it all can still find hidden strips of sand, coves, caves and cliffs.

3. Samal, Davao

Samal is fast becoming a favourite among tourists especially because of its 118-kilometer coastline of white sandy beaches pristine waters, lush greens, rock formations, mangrove and coconut palms.

It’s also home to the “vanishing island”. Shanipaan Shoal is a tiny island that disappears during high tied leaving only a single, elevated cottage visible.

4. Panglao, Bohol

Things to do in Panglao include dolphin watching, whale spotting, diving with barracudas, jackfish, sea snakes and brilliant coral formations. Besides the beaches, the island of Bohol is also famous for its Chocolate Hills – more than 1,000 dome-shaped hills that span as far as the horizon. During the dry season, the hills turn brown as the vegetation it dries up and this gives them their name.

5. Bantayan Island, Cebu

Bantayan is perfect for those looking for a solitary beach and some quiet time with only the sound of waves to accompany your thoughts. On this island of zero five-star hotels, you’ll find that the beers are cold and cheap, the locals friendly and the outside world is easily forgotten.

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