You can fly direct to the Philippines from Australia via Qantas or Philippine Airlines, departing either Sydney or Melbourne and landing at the Nino Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila. Cebu Pacific also flies from Sydney to Manila’s spacious Terminal 3, for convenient, same-terminal connecting flights on the airline’s extensive Philippine network.

Flights from Australia to Manila usually take up to 8.5 hours. From NAIA, you’ll find it’s very easy to fly domestically to other parts of the Philippines.

If you’re happy to transit, you can also reach the Philippines via cities like Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong. Some airlines even offer direct flights from these cities to other international airports in the Philippines. If you’re flying in from Asia, you might want to consider these international airports, especially if your travel itinerary includes the following:

  • Kalibo: A good idea if you’re looking for a quicker route to the beautiful beaches of Boracay
  • Cebu: This is an attractive alternative for those who want to avoid arriving in Manila or would like to dive in Moalboal.
  • Clark (in Angeles): An airport for budget airlines that’s great if you’re planning a hike up Mt Pinatubo. Arriving in Clark gets you closer to the starting point.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights between New Zealand and the Philippines. Most travellers choose to fly to Sydney or transit through South-East Asia and take a direct flight from there.

When booking flights, we highly recommend booking early. Flights in the months of December, January and February may be snapped up quickly by Filipinos who return to the country to visit their families for Christmas or Chinese New Year.
If you’re planning to dive and would like to bring your own equipment, we suggest checking the baggage weight limit of the flight carrier you’ve booked with. Weight limits may vary between international and domestic carriers.

Flying direct from Australia?

Philippine Airlines

Qantas Airlines

Cebu Pacific

Comparing routes and prices?

Compare prices from different flight carriers and get the best deal.

For international and domestic route suggestions, take a look at Rome2Rio.

Search flights and compare prices even if you don’t have specific dates in mind.

Airport Fee

The airport fee for international departures is PHP750 (roughly $18.50 AUD). The Nino Aquino International Airport has a PHP200 (roughly $5.50 AUD) fee for domestic flights, but it should already be included in your ticket fare.

Domestic terminals around the country charge their own fee, so keep some Pesos handy to cover it, about PHP100-200 (roughly $2.50-$5 AUD).

Children under two years of age and transit passengers are exempt from airport fees. Please note that all fees stated above may change without prior notice.

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