Filipino Cuisine

While travelling in the Philippines, you’ll almost definitely hear the phrase Kain na tayo! over and over again. It’s Filipino for “Let’s eat!” and a phrase we use almost as easily as we say “Mabuhay.”

Our distinct cuisine is influenced by a blend of Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, American and Malay cuisines. Its many-layered flavours are expressed differently from region to region and even, kitchen to kitchen. Take the national dish, adobo (pork stewed in garlic, soy sauce and vinegar). It has as many recipes as we have islands. But we all share it.

If you’re looking to try local favourites, these can be easily found although they may vary from region to region. There are also restaurants in cities to cater to the less adventurous. And for those with a Western palate, Lonely Planet recommends the spicy cuisine of Bicol.

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